Light City Company is a leader among the producers of innovative products in the sphere of entertainment and rest. We provide our service to the most popular entertainment and recreation centers which choose quality, reliability and stability ensured by our company.

XD (5D, 6D, 7D, 8D ... XD) attractions of new generation.

XD (5D, 7D, ... XD) attractions with interactive modules.
Attractions of new generation, offer unforgettable experience
XD Video Simulator is a combination of technologies of 4D, 5D, 7D, ... XD attractions with the possibility of interactive module where a viewer will take direct part in what is happening on the screen.
Volume images, moving platforms, imitation effects of mice, fog, snow, storm, rain, odors and many others make the audience have a sense of virtual presence and feel a lot of impressions and pleasure. These rides are popular among children, young people, and among the middle age groups.
XD (5D, 7D, ... XD) cinemas are one of the most popular and profitable businesses in the branch of intertainment. The ROI can be up to 3-6 monthes.

Our XD Cinemas are equipped with a modern curved cylindrical screen (which adds even more excitement for visitors), 6DOF platforms with movement in all directions (even more adrenaline), and lots of special effects (even more fun). It seats 4 to 16 people. With the help of special short 5-10-minute of highly dynamic videos a visitor gets a boost of energy and a positive experience and seeks to come again and again to get a new rush of adrenalin every time.


Mobile 5D cinema — profitable business.

5D theaters and Mobile 5D cinema attractions - business in the sphere of rest and entertainments. Using the newest designs, having received corresponding patents and certificates, we offer the Qualitative and Profitable product for business which has huge potential and is only in its first stages of development. Having designed mobile 5D film attraction, we have received the corresponding patent "Ukrpatenta" for the usage on territories of Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia also, we are about to receive the patent for given work in the European Union.




 Adrenalin Ride - Feel yourself like an astronaut!


Gyroscope Adrenalin Ride is a means of memorable experiencing of overload to your body. Reliable, high-quality system makes you undergo the feeling of preparing astronauts and pilots for flights and drivers for Formula 1 races. You will feel the type of gravity which you have never felt before and could have never imagined!


 Attraction Crazy Heads - now you are a "STAR".

Crazy Heads is the interactive video-entertainment system of the new generation, that uses special “Green Screen” technology to place the participant’s head in real-time mode on a professional dancer’s body to create a hilarious music video. The participant can even create a video, in which he plays a role of a super hero, a star, or famous people.

One can see them not only at the parties organized by movie stars or show biz legends, but also in Las Vegas and popular amusement parks, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. The studios can also be found in seaside resorts, night clubs, tourist attractions, corporate events, weddings, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.


Attraction "Laser Maze" - One of the most exciting and spectacular attractions, as it is suitable for almost all ages.

Using Attraction "Laser Maze" it is possible to hold various championships, quests, games and team-building activities. Laser maze works especially effectively with XD Video Simulator. The point of the game is that a participant who entered the labyrinth passes through a web of laser beams without crossing any of them.

If the player touches one or more beams, a beep goes off and the player can find him/herself under rainfall, strong wind which is blowing into a face or sparkle lightning, making the task even more challenging and interesting! By setting such an attraction in the entertainment center, you will pleasantly surprise many people, as everyone will want to feel like a superhero and go through an obstacle course.


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