Film industry development has begun a long time ago with silent black-and-white films. Since then it has been developing and progressing in a number of ways. Films have been improved by colour and sound. Gradually films became more and more dynamical and with a considerable quantity of special effects.
However the cinematography has experienced special development in recent years. Now many films are produced in a three-dimensional stereo format (3D).

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But also it is a not limit. By a basic novelty in the field of films industri and also 4d appear in the field of rest and entertainments, 5d, 6d, 7d..XD) movie theaters and cinemaattractions. This is the next stage of development.krisla

While stereo 3D image allows to see only volumetric picture, 5D image allows to plunge into the world of a virtual reality by means of mobile platforms with armchairs which move synchronically with a picture which is shown on the screen, and also, by means of additional special effects, such as wind, rain, snow, fog, smells, etc. Such figures as 4D 5D, 6D, 7D... XD mean advantage over 3D image, but different producers classify their film attractions in a different way, however we still speak about the same notion.

We offer our clients installation of 5D an attraction "on a turn-key basis".

Our mobile armchairs can carry out movements in 3 steps (3DOF) that allows to reach the maximum psychoemotional effect. The average cover of expenditure of the given project ranges from 4 till 12 months. It depends on the location of an attraction, visual design, a stream of people, etc. It will be especially profitable when placed in trading and entertaining centres or other crowded places.
We won't speak about profitability and super profitableness of the given business because it goes without saying and there is a lot of information about it on the Internet, thus, any user can independently estimate prospects. We want to concentrate more attention on our advantages.
The advantage of our 5D attractions is that we offer completely ready product, with the maximum quantity of effects and good dynamic characteristics. If our competitors include additional appliances into the Premium offer or provide as the additional option we include it in standard package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 or 9 adapted 5D stereo films are included into the delivery complete package.
The quantity of films for dealers will gradually increase.
Also you can give us stereo films which we will adapt to our system.
Our attractions (stationary and mobile) correspond to all the requirements of standards of Ukraine, have all the necessary accompanying documents, including the instruction, technical certificate of production article, corresponding patents, etc.


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