The main novelty of the film attraction is a 5D mobile film attraction.
We offer a unique product - 5D attraction, created on the basis of a trailer connected to a car, or on the basis of a trailer (van) connected to a lorry.
The mobile film attraction can be used in the sphere of entertainment and also for advertising to boost the perception of the audiovisual advertising information.

The biggest advantage of such attraction is its universality. In this case you do not depend on a site, rent costs, etc. You can choose crowded places independently. You can choose places where various festivals and concerts, days of cities and other celebrated events are held which involve a considerable quantity of people, in particular youth.
Our device has no analogues; it is patented in Ukraine, Russia, and also, is being patented in the countries of the European Union and is protected by the law of Ukraine «On protection of the rights for inventions and useful models, and etc.»

This mobile 5D attraction is equipped with all necessary systems, has all permissions and is delivered "on a turn-key basis". The attraction is certificated and has all necessary documents for operating in the territory of Ukraine. The equipment is certificated in Europe; Hardware has corresponding systems of quality ISO 9001, etc. We offer the packages for 12 and popular 16 places. We can make packages for 24 and 32 places for individual order. However the price in this case essentially increases.

There are 4 seats in each row; they are equipped with the power saving module.
Electric power for an attraction is generated from powerful diesel generator or from the electric system.
Average power consumption makes 3-4 kW
The trailer is divided into two zones; one zone is for visitors, another is a technical one in which all equipment is placed. For the best comfort of visitors and the personnel there are conditioners in premises.
All preparation process from a trailer mounting in a convenient visual place till the installation of the first film occupies less than half an hour! That makes the trailer extremely mobile and convenient.

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