Laser Maze

We produce attractions - Laser maze. This is one of the newest types of attractions and most sought in the market today.

What is a laser maze?

Game ride "Laser Maze" - one of the most entertaining and effective attraction, as it is suitable for almost all ages. Laser maze can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Easy movement and is not complicated to install. Especially effective laser maze work with 5D (XD) cinema.
Using attraction "Laser Maze" you can conduct various championships, quests, games and team-building. You can set the ride in the shopping center or used independently.
Set  this attraction in public places: a park or leisure center you will be pleasantly surprised many, because everyone wants to feel like a super hero and feel  yourself an obstacle, "launch a nuclear missile," "rob the bank" or "save the world".

Principle of operation

The meaning of the game is the participant who entered the labyrinth passed through a web of laser beams without hitting one of them. Timer counts the passage of obstacles. If a player touches one or more lasers, then become the audible signal and  the beam turns off and the system adds a time penalty, and the player can fall rain, strong wind blowing in his face, strobe face  lightning, making the task even more complex and interesting!
The attraction can be programmed on covering a distance in one direction, and in both of them. Spectators and fans are watching everything that is happening in the maze on remote monitor online.
If a person touches a laser beam, it goes out and hear an audible signal.
Beam remains off until the operator does not make a reset to the initial state (before the new visitor)
That would attract more visitors to your attraction.  We recommend passing the total grant award (a soft toy or other merchandise)
The value of the prize depends on the travel time and the number of affected lasers.

The buyer gets an equipment "turnkey" including additional options, such as rain, wind, CCTV.

Price of the equipment is: contact us and we will find you the most suitable option.

You can also buy:
- Remote control of "Penguin" with two monitors
- LED 32 "TV for outdoor advertising and showing video inside
- Turnstile and automation system for issuing prize

There can be  changes in  configuration.


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