To investors:
We offer an effective investment of your money into the development of 5D attractions in Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. Depending on the form of investments, we discuss the distribution of profit and define your part.For more details about this question address

To dealers:
To reach the market, we plan to create the dealer networks in many Countries. There is a number of requirements to do this. At least, you should be our constant client and get at least two complete package of 5D attractions.
Advantages to dealers:
- A savings account for purchase of following attractions;
- You receive new adapted license 5D films discounted 20% which you can offer your clients for a certain payment;
- Advance payment for the dealer makes 50 % from cost, instead of 70 % as in the classical scheme;
- We provide you with additional advertising support;
- For other advantages please Contact Us.

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